Our Story

Growing up in our family’s wholesale bakery, we developed a deep passion for quality baked goods. Becoming more involved in the business, we yearned for a means to share our family’s strudels with the world. Using our century-old strudel recipe that features a signature, buttery-thin pastry dough and handmade streusel crumb, Strudelicious was born.

At Strudelicious, we use crisp, farm-fresh apples and classic seasonal fruits to craft our unique desserts. Our traditional, homestyle taste evokes memories of warm gatherings, with loved ones seated around the table.

We are incredibly proud to share our strudels with you and to welcome you into the Strudelicious family. With every bite, we hope you can taste the love and dedication that goes into each and every one of our desserts.

- Marisa and Nicole, Founders of Strudelicious.